MARINA ELECTRIC, INC. was founded in 1945, since then it has been serving the corporate and industrial community.
We have served our clients as industrial and electrical parts and equipment suppliers in the areas of:
Electrical Controls and Power Equipment
MARINA ELECTRIC, INC. for our clients, stands for quality products and quick service at very competitive prices, servicing from small contractors to government, pharmaceutical and petrochemical complexes. We are here to fulfill every client's need within our product network of electrical controls and construction materials; and we have done so for over 50 years.
We are a small aggressive Company consisting of sixteen (16) persons, almost all in sales and all highly motivated.
The structure of our Company is as follows:
Mr. José T. Rovira
Ms. Blanca Guardiola, MBA
Vice-President - Finance
Mr. José E. Pérez
Vice-President - Sales
Engr. Joaquín López, EIT
Project Sales Engineer
Engr. Carlos Agosto P.E.
Project Sales Engineer
Engr. Noel Mulero, EIT
Sales Engineer
Mr. Arnaldo Zayas, MBA
Sales Representative
Mr. Lerfio Crespo, BSEE
Sales Representative
Mr. Roberto T. Lozada
Inside Sales
Mr. Jason Domenech
Inside Sales & Logistic
Mr. Ricardo Alvarado
Inside Sales & Delivery
Ms. Rose Marie Rovira
Assistant VP Finance
Mr. José A. Rovira
Assistant VP Finance
Ms. Yesenia Gordián
Administrative Assistant
Mr. Enrique Seda
Maintenance & Delivery

At MARINA we aim to become number one in the sale of electrical products and to offer optimum quality service in the local and export market, through an intense preparation both personal and professional.

MARINA is based on commercial principles where profit is the result of accomplishing our objectives, that meet social and economic responsibility within our community.